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The Wedding "Industry"

Marisa Vrooman December 12, 2012


I like to think of each event, each wedding as its own work of art. I don't like the word "industry" when it comes to one of the most sacred days of our lives. To me, industry is mass produced, non-personal and mechanical. Weddings shouldn't be formulaic - they should celebrate the unique love, the soul and the spirit of each person coming together in marriage. How could you apply a formula to that? I could not. 

What I love about this work is that I get to listen to people, hear their dreams and help them realize them. It's incredibly rewarding to be able to use intensely honed organizational skills together with creativity in both the artistic and financial way - to help people celebrate themselves and each other.

That's not a job - that's an honor!

Charlottesville oh Charlottesville

Marisa Vrooman December 14, 2012

​Charlottesville has been my home, off and on, for more than 20 years. Amazing. It's where I grew into an adult. I forged friendships and relationships then that are still thriving and growing. This is where my people are. I love my people. For that reason, Charlottesville has always drawn me back into its fold. I think they call it a boomerang town, for good reason. This small city in the middle of the middle of the Mid-East is incredibly special. It's beautiful, it's cultural, it's active, it's growing and expanding and most importantly the community here is tightly-knit, supportive and extremely creative.

I remember when the downtown mall had just a few select places and the rest of it felt like a ghost town. It's so exciting to see it thriving, full of hustle and bustle. Changing everyday. 

I'm so glad to be home. In so many ways. If you're looking for a special place to get married. Charlottesville is it.

Drawing by Ryan Smith

I love being married. I love my husband, dearly. I love being a mom. I love my son, excrutiatingly.

I love working with fun and creative people. I love being free. I love dreaming.

I love being self-employed. I love flexibility. I love the sun. I love the snow.

I love being in love. I love working with people in love

I love the little details. I love the broad strokes.

I love the beginning middle and end.

I love new friendships. I truly love lasting friendships. And I really love my new logo.

Things I Love.

Marisa Vrooman March 6, 2013

Wow are we some lucky people...

Marisa Vrooman March 7, 2013

Today I had the lucky opportunity to meet with Borrowed & Blue founders and owners, Adam and Christin Healey.

Man. They. Are. Awesome. 

We in the wedding world - both those getting married and those working as professionals - are incredibly lucky to have such bright minds working on our behalf. We discussed so many interesting ideas and I learned so much from our hour and half together. I left our meeting feeling like the future is upon us - and not in that scary sci-fi robots take over the world kinda way - but where personalized service and a desire to elevate everyone's experience rules the world kind of way. Count me in!

Super. Freaking. Cool. I love Borrowed & Blue! If you haven't been to this website - go there NOW!

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