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Charlottesville, Oh Charlottesville

​Charlottesville has been my home, off and on, for just about 25 years now. (I swear I am too young for this to be true!) Amazing. It's where I grew into an adult. I forged friendships and relationships then that are still thriving and growing. This is where my people are. I love my people. For that reason, Charlottesville has always drawn me back into its fold. I think they call it a boomerang town, for good reason. This small city in the middle of the middle of the Mid-East is incredibly special. It's beautiful, it's cultural, it's active, it's growing and expanding and most importantly the community here is tightly-knit, supportive and extremely creative.

I remember when the downtown mall had just a few select places and the rest of it felt like a ghost town. It's so exciting to see it thriving, full of hustle and bustle. Changing everyday.

I'm so glad to be "home". In so many ways. If you're looking for a special place to get married - Charlottesville is it.

Drawing by dear friend, Ryan Smith

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