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Shoes Shoes Shoes, We Love Shoes!

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day is such an important decision, and one you want to feel your most confidant, beautiful, and comfortable self. Your shoe choice should be as much as a personal expression of your style as your dress is. Have some fun with it, delve into your creative side and pick a pair that make you feel fun and flirty, whether that means they're sexy, sophisticated, traditional, boho, functional, or modern. Pictured above and directly below are a pair of Manolo Blahnik's that looked absolutely stunning with their charming flair and sweet pink coloring.

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

Pick the shoes that are unique to you and speak of your style. Kate Spade New York has a new great line of wedding sneakers to turn to when comfort is the main priority. Jimmy Choo is tried and true when height and elegance are your goal. There are so many opportunities to find "the ones", don't be afraid to explore something different. There's no one type of shoe a bride feel she "should" wear.

Photo: K Sant Photography

But while you hunt down the shoes of your dreams keep your venue in mind! Vineyards and sandy beaches won't make for a smooth walk down the aisle in stilettos. You also want to keep your feet happy, so a shoe change might be in order before the night is over. Swap the heels for flats or sandals after the ceremony or cocktail hour if you're not used to standing in them for extended amounts of time - you'll thank yourself in the morning! Plus that's just one more reason to buy another pair of shoes, and who can say no to that kind of logic!

​Photo: April Bennett Photography

Photo: Roger Ellsworth Photography

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

Photo: Matthew Burke Photography

​Photo: K Sant Photography

Photo: Kate Spade New York x Keds

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