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Meet Sarah Krenn!

You know that feeling when you meet "the one" - and I don't mean the one you're going to marry, I mean the one that you're going to hire and take into your work heart and home. Well - I got that feeling in SPADES when I met this illustrious woman. We've been going gangbusters ever since she joined our team in January - and we couldn't be happier.

May I formally introduce to you the gracious and wonderful, Sarah Krenn. Her infectious personality and sweet disposition light up every room and we are so lucky to have her on board! She goes above and beyond to keep our clients happy and I couldn't be happier that she has chosen this place to call her work-home. Not only is Sarah's work incredible - but her spirit and her soul are even more so!

Ya'll -- I seriously LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

Here are some whacky things that Sarah & I have in common:

Favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream: Tonight Dough

Favorite Color: Turquoise (we even have the same turquoise Corkcicle water bottle!)

Favorite Car we owned in our youth: Jeep Wrangler (hers was blue, mine was red)

Embarrassing Youthful Follies: Dancing on tables in bars

Favorite Salty Snack: Claussen Pickles

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

We are thrilled to have Sarah as part of Team Orpha and I count my lucky stars every day when she gets to the office with her protein shake and her contagious smile. Please give her a shout out!

Photo: Sera Petras Photography

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